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You have just embarked on your journey to your perfect smile, but more importantly, from now on, you will have to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene. Getting used to life with braces is an adjustment for most people that need orthodontic treatment caring for yourself during this period will help you maintain dental hygiene levels and prevent plaque accumulation. 

Don’t worry, though. Like most people, you’ll get the hang of them in no time. Fortunately, Orthodontist Chicago has some of the best orthodontists in Chicago, and they’ll walk you through how a consistent dental routine can make your life with braces comfortable.


Managing your oral health is even more critical when you have braces. Here are some tips to keep in mind while wearing braces. You should brush after every meal, using a soft-bristled toothbrush with firm pressure and an acute-degree angle of brushing towards your braces make sure you use small circles above and below the metal pieces on each side where food particles often accumulate. 


Flossing is a vital part of your oral hygiene routine. It’s the best way to remove plaque and food particles from between teeth, which can lead not only to dental problems but also to bad breath! 

So what’s the key thing about flossing with braces? Use an extra tool called “floss threaders” so you don’t have any difficulty getting it under all those wires; they’re reusable too.

Regular Dental Visits:

The importance of brushing and flossing cannot be understated. However, it is even more important to make sure you see your family dentist for professional cleaning and check-ups regularly so that their expertise can keep track of any changes in your oral health before they become serious problems.

Protecting Your Braces:

Special care should be taken while exercising or participating in high-intensity sports while wearing braces. A serious injury to the mouth would not only be excruciatingly painful but could cause permanent damage to your braces. You should take proper precautions before physical activity and use a mouthguard for added protection.

Foods to Avoid:

Certain food types can cause damage to your braces and their components, like rubber bands, brackets, and wires. To maintain the appliance and keep it clean, you should avoid hard foods, like nuts and sticky candies. Also, food like burgers, sandwiches, or certain types of cooked meat requires the involvement of front teeth. Particles from these can easily get stuck between the wires and could be challenging to clean.

The good news is that you won’t have to wear braces forever, and in a few years, you’ll be able to smile bright and wide. 

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