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    Welcome to Chicago Orthodontists. Here, you will find a team of experienced orthodontists committed to giving you a beautiful smile! 

    At Chicago Orthodontists, you will be treated by a professional and equally compassionate team who’ll treat you like a family. Apart from creating that beautiful smile, we are fully dedicated to any oral health concern you have.

    Why Us?

    A Beautiful & Healthy New Smile with Chicago Orthodontist

    Homely Feeling On Every Visit

    We guarantee a comfortable dental appointment every time. We are known for our hospitality and warm environment. Our patients feel safe and pleasant with well-lit spaces and amenities like free wifi and beverages.

    Personalized Dental Solutions

    We are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for oral care. We plan our procedures with our patient's individual needs in mind and explain everything from start to finish. Our professional orthodontists provide every patient with the best care and personalized oral solution while deciding on a comprehensive course of action.

    Orthodontics For Everyone

    We provide orthodontic solutions for every age group. From children to adults, we have custom orthodontic treatment for everyone because it's never too late to make your beautiful smile even more delightful.

    Orthodontic Solutions

    Orthodontic Treatments at Chicago Orthodontist:

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    Lingual Braces

    These are similar to traditional wire braces and can be made out of metal and attached to the inside of your teeth.

    Clear Braces

    A perfect alternative to Metal Braces. They work just as Metal Braces do, only less noticeable.

    Metal Braces

    Traditionally used, strong and reliable braces are also known to correct many oral problems.

    The Invisalign Treatment

    Chicago Orthodontists offer state-of-the-art Invisalign treatment. It is an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments. Unlike metal braces, these clear aligners are not permanent dental fixtures. These can be taken off before a meal or brushing.

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